My Favorite Articles on Blogging

Article by Wendy McCance

This is a quick snapshot of some of the incredible links you can find that I post on my Facebook page, Google+and Twitter.

I am always looking for new information on blogging.  I have found that no matter how much you think you know, there is always something new and fresh that can be found.  I especially like articles dealing with topics you might not have even thought of.

The longer I have blogged, the harder it is to find new information though.  In a sense I guess I should be thrilled that I have learned so much.  On the other hand, it does get frustrating trying to find something new.

A good thing to remember when viewing the links below.  To be successful at blogging, there are more components than just the blog itself.  How you handle yourself on other social media platforms can have a profound effect on the success of your blog.

Below, I have assembled some of the best information I have found.  I hope you enjoy these articles/bloggers as much as I do.  There are some incredible bloggers who share amazing information out there.

1.  Make sure your blog is properly displayed on mobile devices.

2. 25 things that make you look dumb on Pinterest.

3. 12 things you should be using your blog for (besides blogging).

4.  5 free content promotional sites.

5.  10 things no one tells you about blogging.

6. 5 common WordPress errors and their fixes.

7.  A story of an article stolen and used without permission in a magazine called, Cooks Source.

8. How I attracted 10,000 Twitter followers in a year.

9. The truth about failing freelance bloggers and how to succeed.

10. The best library of amazing articles.  One of my very favorite sites!!

11. 45 social media tools and tips.  

If you have some favorite articles or sites, please let us know.  Share them in the comments below.

P.S.  If you want to stay up to date on the best articles I find, follow me on Twitter, Google+ or my Facebook page.  New content comes in several times a week.


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